’s ‘Galactic Outreach Workshops’ at World Museum Liverpool’s Stargazing Night – 7th February 2020!

In a unique collaboration with the World Museum Liverpool we were proud to run our drop-in ‘Binary Talks’ workshops and a Galactic Quiz with prizes at World Museum Liverpool’s Stargazing Night – 7th February 2020.

We were commemorating two very significant 7th February occasions – the first was our patron Apollo 15 astronaut, Al Worden’s 88th birthday and the second was National Periodic Table Day.

During our ‘Binary Talks’ workshop visitors learnt how to use the binary coding system whilst creating a keyring.
They had the chance to “code” their own initial using green and red beads following the binary code.

Our Galactic Quiz with prizes was very popular…

We also took our Galactic Photo Prop which is always very popular with the visitors.
More photos of visitors with the photo accessory at the end of the article.

The lucky winner of our raffle was…..  Adam Hough (age 11)!

The prize was a signed photo of astronaut Don Thomas – plus, the chance to record a vlog of his next Space/STEM adventure for our blog – watch this space…

Adam was thrilled with his prize (below).

We were also extremely happy to announce that the second part of’s Polymath Cerebration Podcast episode 3 was recorded on stage with Dr Jackie Bell – following on from the Q&A with Jackie at World Museum’s Stargazing event in November 2019.

During the event we met Edward (age 8), a future scientist who wanted to wish our patron Apollo 15 astronaut, Al Worden a Happy Birthday…

All of the visitors to our stand had STEMtastic time!

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