MajorTim.space was founded in October 2016.  The site is dedicated to the education about space exploration and knowledge about space and the wonders of the universe!  From Rosetta and Philae, autonomous space robotics, micro gravity and the effects upon the human body to the Earth’s magnetic fields. We will look at Exploring mars, our ever increasing knowledge of the solar system, black holes, dark energy and dark matter, just some of the many things we will look. Not to mention the inspirational Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11, former crew members. To inspire you we will include the latest space news and blogs from Astrophysicists, Astronomers and Space Organisations. This site will also explore the women, past and present, who have contributed to the achievements made in space exploration. The crucial role they have had in inspiring young women and girls to seek out careers in STEM related fields, where women are marking out their accomplishments. These women, from ordinary backgrounds, like you and me, They followed their dreams and had the ambition, I am sure you will be inspired by their stories and what they have accomplished We have gained such learning from them. The many jobs available in the space industry where women make outstanding contributions.

We will follow Tim Peake, Major Timothy Nigel Peake – a British Army Air Corps Officer , on his successful space mission aboard the ISS (International Space Station), and following his popularity with the public and future. He is the first British ESA Astronaut to go aboard the International Space Station. The years training he underwent to prepare himself. The many experiments and science that Tim was involved with during his time in space. The inspiration that he has given both children and adults alike. The work he has undertaken with schools in the United Kingdom. Giving future generations an insight into the exciting discoveries that lay ahead of us with space exploration and the greater understanding of our universe. Creating a desire to learn more from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and that both women and men can be a part of this exhilarating phase of discoveries that lies ahead of us.

The site will answer most of your questions that you may have about the solar system and beyond.

We hope that you enjoy and increase your knowledge of Astronomy and Space Exploration…………… HAPPY EXPLORING!