’s 10 Minute Star Striking Facts – Week 36’s 10 Minute Star Striking Facts
Week 36
Speaker – Ruth Amos
Ruth is an inventor, presenter and co-founder of YouTube channel Kids Invent Stuff, aimed at inspiring the next generation of inventors and engineers, by bringing their inventions to life.  From custard firing superhero suits, flaming pianos and Slime firing cars Shawn and Ruth bring to life kid’s inventions with often hilarious results.

An award winning engineer and is passionate about making and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths), co-running the #girlswithdrills campaign around inclusive making.

The 10 Minute Star Striking Facts series is an engaging online outreach project to inspire all.
On Monday each week, we will feature a different speaker with a fact of their choice.

Join us every Monday at 6pm as we spike your interest and curiosity in new areas of STEM/Space knowledge in a personal and relaxed setting – perfect for people of all ages!


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