’s 10 Minute Star Striking Facts – Week 35’s 10 Minute Star Striking Facts
Week 35
Speaker – Steve Sherman
Steve is the Chief Imagination Officer of a STEAM-based NGO in South Africa called Living Maths.
He teaches approximately 4500 students weekly in schools around Cape Town as well as the world.
Steve is passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering young people.
He knows his way around EDtech as he regularly facilitates workshops for teachers and conducts Skype and Google Hangout Interviews with participants from all over the world.
He has taught in over 200 different classrooms around the world using the internet.
Steve is a 2 x TEDx Speaker, a Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert, a recipient of the 2020 Global Teacher Award and one of only 2 Skype Master Teachers in South Africa.

The 10 Minute Star Striking Facts series is an engaging online outreach project to inspire all.
On Monday each week, we will feature a different speaker with a fact of their choice.

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