On this day 27 years ago…….

On this day (18th May 2018) 27 years ago in 1991 – Helen Sharman Became the first British astronaut!

27 year old Helen Sharman, from Sheffield – blasted into orbit, from Baikonur cosmodrome in the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, with fellow astronauts, Anatoly Artebartsky and Sergei Krikalyov – aboard the Soyuz TM-12 space capsule.

Source – RocketSTEM

“Astronaut wanted, no experience necessary”

A food chemist from Sheffield, heard the advertisement (‘Astronaut wanted, no experience necessary’) while flicking through the radio stations on her way home from ‘Mars’ (the confectionary company) – she was picked out of more than 13,000 other applicants!

Source – Getty

Helen is an inspiration to all – she speaks at events, giving lively and fascinating talks to engage everybody with STEM!

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