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Polymath Cerebration Podcast is an explosion of all things STEM with many different interesting esteemed speakers!

Polymath (a person who knows a lot about many different subjects) – representing the wide-range of leading experts the podcast will feature from all areas of STEM.

Cerebration (the working/operation of the brain) – representing that the podcast will get you thinking, learning and spark your curiosity.

Hosted by’s CEO/founder/manager, Amelia Jane Piper.

A broad range of content suitable for all ages.

So what are you waiting for?….

Come, listen and upload knowledge to your brain while opening the door to STEM!

Episode 1 – Space Rocks 2019

The first episode of – Polymath Cerebration Podcast was recorded at the world-renowned Space Rocks event – a celebration of space exploration, art and music.
This awesome inspiring event is run in collaboration by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Twin V Ltd.

Held at The O2 in London. CEO/founder/manager and Podcast host, Amelia Jane Piper speaks with Space Rocks organisers Mark McCaughrean (ESA) and Alexander Milas (Twin V Ltd) along with some of their eminent speakers – Lucy Hawking, Chris Lintott, Tamsin Edwards, Shahrzad Timman and Star Power.

Get ready to be inspired by these leading experts and find out more about Space Rocks!