#NASA60th Anniversary!

It’s the NASA’s 60th Anniversary!  For 60 years, they have advanced aeronautic research, led human space exploration, discovered the unknown far beyond Earth, developed new technologies, & conducted studies to improve life for all.

For six decades, NASA has led the peaceful exploration of space, making discoveries about our planet, our solar system, and our universe. At home, NASA research has made great advances in aviation, helped to develop a commercial space industry, enrich our economy, create jobs, and strengthen national security. Outside the United States, our international partnerships shine as examples of diplomacy. Space exploration has brought together people of diverse backgrounds working for the good of all humankind

As we celebrate NASA’s first 60 years of achievement, we honour the sacrifice that came with it: the tragic loss of lives including aviation pilots and the crew members of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia.  Sacrifice has also come in the countless hours dedicated NASA personnel,  on the ground and in space,  have spent away from families to plan and execute missions.  The next decade promises to be full of adventures that only science fiction writers dreamed of and only NASA and its partners will accomplish.

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