Tim Peake’s book – Hello, is this planet Earth?

Tim Peake has just written his first book, and it is now available to buy in all good book shops and online!
It’s a must have for anyone who loves Astronomy!
Very interesting book with lots of fascinating pictures of Earth from The International Space Station!
Tim is donating all the proceeds from his book to ‘The Prince’s Trust’.
You may be wondering why he called his book ‘Hello, is the planet Earth?’  well you  might of already heard of this incident, but just in case you haven’t this is what happened………….
There was a time when Tim phoned a wrong number from The International Space Station (ISS) He thought he that he was ringing his sister, so decided to say to her “Hello, is this planet Earth…?”   Of course the lady who answered the phone wasn’t his sister, so she answered (quite annoyed!) “No it is not!” and put the phone down, there and then Tim felt genuinely bad because she obviously thought that is was prank caller on Christmas Eve (she didn’t realise that she was speaking to the First British ESA Astronaut on board The ISS!).
He Tweeted out to her and said “I’d just like to apologise to the lady that I just called by mistake saying “Hello, is this planet Earth?” – Not a prank call just a wrong number!
He got an incredible response from Twitter, it went around the world and people loved it!

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